Children’s DIY Thank You Cards.

You know when you get an actual letter in the actual mail? (As opposed to that boring e-lectronic mail.) You know…the kind with a handwritten address and cancelled-out stamp. I know…I love those too.

Handwritten notes have always been important to me (to send and receive). I’m hoping to pass the value of letter-writing on to my kids. Since neither one of them know how to write (although Sis is learning to write her name – yay!), I’ve had them make Thank You cards from the time that they could dip their little hands in paint and smear it all over a blank card (and their clothes and hair and up their noses). And as they’re getting older (Sis is now four and a half and Buddy just turned three), I’m more and more amazed at what they’re capable of crafting-out. Over the past couple of years, they’ve been able to make some pretty fun thank-yous. (This is also a really fun way to practice following directions [and for me to practice patience 😉 ].)

Two Christmases ago, we made snowmen cards.


Even though I don’t have the pictures of the process, it’s pretty simple. We used toilet paper rolls to make the snowman body – we dipped it in blue paint and then stamped it on the card, glued little paper triangles on for carrot noses, glued pine-needles on for arms, baker’s twine for a scarf and then they finished them off by drawing the eyes on.

Rainbow Thank You Cards

rainbow thank you

For Sis’ “Rainbow Birthday” party, we made (obviously) rainbow thank-yous. She’s totally a sensory kind of gal, so she really loved the gooey paint and tickley paintbrush bristles. Working quickly, I painted her palm in white, then her fingers in the respective rainbow colors, then had her stamp it on printer paper. The reason I didn’t have her stamp it directly to the card was because I thought it would give a little room for “mess-ups”…made it less stressful, which also equals more fun. When the paint dried, I went over the white part with a Sharpie to make it look like a cloud and then added a little “Thank You” in the middle, then cut it out* and glued it to the card stock.

*On a side note, I don’t think I can ever say “cut it out” without thinking of Bob Saget. Unfortunate.

Thumbprint Caterpillar Thank You Cards


Buddy had a birthday a few months ago, so for his special thank you card, I had him dip his thumb in paint then stamp it on the card.

cater1 catter2

We did about eight cards, so I just had him do all of the red thumbprints, then I washed it off and then did all of the orange thumbprints, etc.


After the paint dried, I drew a little face and antennas (antennae?) on the first dot, then “thanks” on the other dots, added legs and grass and called ’em done.

 cater4 cater7cater5 

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Thank You Cards

This Christmas, we made Christmas Tree thank yous using a cookie cutter as a stamp and cotton swabs for dotting on little ornaments.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:


(Of course you’ll need more colors of paint for the “ornaments” but you get the idea.)

tree3 tree7 tree4tree8

Smoosh the cookie cutter in the paint and be sure to get it on all the sides. Place in on the card and press down firmly making sure it doesn’t slip.

 tree9 tree10

Then use a cotton swab to dip in paint and then on the tree, making little ornaments. This was a good time to work on counting too (“Make three blue dots. Now make five yellow dots.” etc.).

tree5 tree6

Tada! So easy, little mess, and special. Also cheap, which is a big plus for me. 😉

The thing with homemade note cards is that they take time. Because after all the time it took to make them, they still needed to be written in. But isn’t that the thing? Isn’t that why we like a good old fashioned post-man delivered letter? It’s because it does take time and effort. And that speaks volumes of love.