From old drawers to new shelves

Someone gave me an old dresser (thanks Jenn!). It had a lot of potential, but the sliders on the bottom four drawers were broken. As it turns out, sliders are kiiiiiinda expensive, and I’m kiiiiiinda cheap. Sooooo, I scrapped the whole idea of a dresser all together and decided to make a buffet instead. I don’t have a before picture, but just imagine that this is way cuter than the original one. See…


So, the original dresser had drawers where the little curtains are now. After I turned it into a buffet, I was left with four drawers which were screaming to be put to use. Listen:


I had seen on Pinterest (beloved Pinterest) some shelves made from drawers, so I thought I’d Pinterest it up and make some of my own. I started out by painting them.


Hey, paint snobs: don’t judge my non-priming; sometimes I just want things to go quickly. Priming takes forever. My original plan was that once it dried, I was going to paint a little background…some little trees or something, but then I decided (to stick with the quicker-is-better gag), to adhere a fabric background. So, I decided to use the same fabric that I used for the dresser-turned buffet. Did I mention that the fabric came from a shower curtain that I bought for $5? (This, also, is consistent with my cheaper-is-better gag.)

To cut the fabric precisely, I turned the drawer upside down, laid the fabric on it and used a rotary cutter to cut the correct size.

bottom of drawer fabric draped on drawer cutting fabric

Next comes the fun part: MOD PODGE!! Eeep! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my Mod Podge, but I did find a half full (because I’m an optimist) bottle of glue. So, I added water, just like Pinterest told me to, held it over the drawer and squeezed it like a preschooler after recess.

drizzling mod podge

Then I pressed the fabric in and, viola!

Finished shelf 1

And here it is (well…they are…one for each of the munchkins) with fun little things in it (them).

finished shelf 2 finished shelf 4 finished shelf 5 Everetts finished shelf


Sinking Down Deep

Crafting is therapy for my soul. It’s sort of like doing yoga, only it doesn’t hurt and I don’t look (as) silly doing it. But when I finish a project, it feels like I’ve just taken a breath of clean ocean air. It just feels good.

But…it wouldn’t be honest of me if I only showed you these pictures of everything happening with grace and style. The truth is, there was a moment when I snapped at one of my kids for touching the wet paint. During part of the process, I put a show on for them so I could JUST. GET. IT. DONE.

I was wrong in my actions, and it all started with my attitude. The problem was that I considered the project my right (rather than a privilege) and my children a nuisance (rather than a gift and my priority). So, when you’re in that tricky spot of the kids finishing up nap time, or coming home from school, but you have just a little bit more to do to finish… I’d encourage you…don’t be like me. Put the Mod Podge away. I know. It’s hard. But let’s hold hands and do it together, sista.


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